Scout profile stopped syncing

One of our scourts “sync” symbol disappeared with a note about not matched on roster. He is still showing on council roster, so not sure on the issue or how to fix. His BSA is missing from scoutbook and I don’t see a way to add that since the box is greyed out.

Roster info: BSA ID: 137381639 Youth Member M
SB UserID: 12020332

Thank you for your assistance.

Eric Meyer
Pack 9439 Chair

Have admin go to scoutbook > Scout’s membership page > click current membership > click approve > click save

It says positions approved with the green shield showing under current membership.

The top of my screen keeps saying: “Please edit your profile and enter your BSA Member #” . My BSA is saved in my profile.

In scouts profile it says “M***** has not been matched with a Scout in your Units official roster. Please check with your council.” and his BSA ID box is empty under edit profile.

I see the issue - give me a few @EricMeyer2

@EricMeyer2 should be fixed now - might need to reapprove membership

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