Clicking "print roster" on the main screen gives you your old roster, not new

I assume this should be your new or updated roster? Not your old one?

Anyway, not sure if that is by design or not. Maybe the button should say “old” or “existing” roster.

well is this after processing and paying?

It seems like it should give you a working copy of any changes made (people who have been dropped, etc.).


Ideally, a “markup” roster showing everyone would be an option prior to submittal. The “markup” roster would show (at least):

  • additions underlined
  • deletions stricken
  • changes to an existing person (e.g. to registered position) as a combination of strike-out of the old information and underline of the new information

That would allow rapid comparison between the original state and the revised state so that errors and omissions can be caught more easily before submittal.

No, but it is after removing people. I thought it would be the “new” roster. Basically a report version of the data below. It is unchanged from the existing roster, even though changes were made.

Found out about this lovely new feature today in a JIRA response.

A markup would be great but a lot more effort than just showing the user what they have in the workspace at this moment. Print-draft is what is needed.

That’s what IR-without-number did.

That’s what the user needs that MYS Roster cannot provide.

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You get it after the fact. It is close to a markup. They show you your new roster, who was added, and who was removed.

At what point do you have the ability to print the new roster after the changes were made?

Once you hit submit and pay. :slight_smile:

Then you get a copy to save and get an email with a copy for the COR to sign.

It is a little late for the official copy. “Just sign right here sir, you’ll get a copy of the mortgage paperwork after the money is transferred.”


This needs to be fixed where the update roster can be printed before the end. If someone thinks that this is not needed they can try a day in my shoes with two units rosters with multiple adults across 6 different units.


Agreed it’s too late. Doing this for years I would generate a draft recharter report showing what was about to be submitted. Would send it to COR, Unit leader, and treasurer, as well as other CO units we may have multiple/shared leaders with so they know if someone is expecting them to pay for a multiple registrant.

Now, I’m copying pasting multiple pages of data into a document/spreadsheet to generate a summary report for verification.

Up until this point I had few problems with the new system.

This should be fixed at this point - a fix went out Yesterday or Tuesday

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I just completed, submitted and paid for recharter. No where do I see how I can get a roster that lets me see the changes that I made. As several have suggested, we need a way to print a roster that shows the changes we have made.

A major criticism I have of the new recharter process is that the print roster feature is worthless at the unit level. Not only does it not let me see the changes we are making but the youth are grouped by rank. I fail to see how that is useful during the recharter process. During recharter I do not care what their rank is. I do care whether or not their contact information is correct but that is something we apparently no longer can correct.

I am not jumping on Matt, nor on the SUAC team, whom I have dealt with for many years and know are doing their best to help volunteers and IT types make the programs work and understand each other’s needs. As has been the case with most of the BSA software roll outs over the past few years, Internet Recharter has some very good points while at the same time it needs a lot of improvements to make it really functional at the user level.

Yours in Scouting,


Wow @CharlesOlson way to jump on a volunteer like you. Really admire that. If you want to be a child jump on SUAC. We are here all day, and have little control over out comes.

Way to demonstrate Scout spirit.

After paid, an email is sent out to the key 3 for the COR to sign. That is the document I am talking about.


I did not intend to jump on Matt, nor anyone on the SUAC team. Since my original post came across that way to you, I have revised it. I sincerely appreciate the work that all the members of SUAC, yourself in particular, put into trying to help users navigate the BSA systems. I will admit that I get frustrated with the developers because almost all of their new products seem to always have flaws that should have been foreseeable.

Matt’s response is helpful because it let me know that I need to alert my COR that she needs to do something right away (she currently is across the pond).

On a practical note, I have a question. How does the unit update contact information for Scouts and parents? We used to be able to do that during recharter but that the new system doesn’t allow us to do that. If I make the change to their profile, does that get passed up the chain so that, for example, Scout’s Life gets sent to the right address?

Thanks for all you do and best wishes for the new year.


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@CharlesOlson - for scout/scouter address, number and email changes that would be > unit > roster. Select person the edit profile

Steven: Thank you. Right after asking the question, I found another post in the Internet Recharter that said how to make the changes.

Yours in Scouting,