Co-Den Leader cannot sign into ScoutBook

Posting for my co-Den Leader. C O, BSA #1997369, with Chief Seattle Council and Pack 673 who cannot log into ScoutBook with username “Camper71!”,
He gets an SSO error and says he does not have access. He has never logged into ScoutBook before.


Do the credentials work when logging in at my.scouting? Also, when they log in at my.scouting, does their DL/ADL role show up as registered? If not, they might have multiple BSA IDs (or might not have been registered as expected).

@TylerLandas - and make sure they are using


That is the wrong ID for this MID. The proper ID is the first 4 characters of his middle name followed by his last name.

Note that BSA Member ID (MID) is not regsitered so he won’t be able to do anything in Scoutbook.

I will send you a private message as we need more information. Click on the green circle with white T in the upper right corner of your forum window.


Thanks all! This has been resolved off thread. Aside: super-fast resolution time!


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