Combining family records

I have a family that is returning to Scouting after dropping from our Charter a couple years ago. Boy #1 (Webelo) has Dad as his registered partner and an old address and he wants to add a “preferred name”. Boy #2 (Tiger) has Mom listed and their new address. I tried making changes on SB and IA but it isn’t saving. I am Cubmaster and Pack Admin. My husband is Committee Chair and we can’t do it under either account. I tried adding Mom to Boy #1’s account - it says her name isn’t found and if I use her email address to search - it brings up Boy #2’s BSA number - not her’s. I have BSA # for both boys and Mom - no clue on a BSA # for dad. We want to have both Mom and Dad listed on their both accounts. I am hesitant to fiddle around much b/c I don’t want to accidentally create a new account/etc. Can I PM the details to someone to get it straightened out?

Council can make address changes is the easiest answer - SUAC cannot

OK - changing the address is actually the least important part. What about linking the parents to the accounts?

As a unit admin, you can use Connections Manager to add the connection between an adult already connected to a scout as a parent (or unit leader) to another scout in the unit.

Log into Scoutbook > My Dashboard, Administration > My Units, choose Unit > Roster > Connections Manager > click the intersecting box > choose connection level

Then go to the scout’s page, connections, and set the connection to parent

ETA: This idea is not mine, but it is good! Others posted this work around @CharleyHamilton, I just can’t find the original post.


THANK YOU!! I was missing that first step of doing it from the main roster page first! I was trying to do it from the Scouts page and it didn’t work You have no idea how much I appreciate your help!!

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