Two Cubs and linking two parents accounts

I have a new scouting family.

Adult A used their email to register and has been connected to the Cub A.

Adult B used their email to register and has been connected to Cub B.

Adult A and B would both like to be connected adults to both Cub A and Cub B. When I go into Cub A and attempt to add a new connection for Adult B and search the email Cub B comes up instead of the parent name. If I search by parent B’s name, nothing comes up. Vice versa if I go into Cub B and attempt to add parent A.

How do I set this family up correctly? TIA.

BSA numbers are 14420306 and 14420258 for the youth.

Currently, search is broken, so that’s part of why you can’t get the parents by searching on their name. The scout’s account showing up when searching by email suggests that the parent’s email was associated with the scout’s account instead of/in addition to the parent’s. The SUAC folks may be able to help fix that.

A unit admin in your unit (or one of the Unit Key 3) can work around the search issue by going into Scoutbook → My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Pack ### → Roster → Connections Manager

Then page down to the parents’ names. Add a View connection between each “missing” parent and their cub. Then, go back to Roster, select one Cub’s name and change the connection type for the newly-connected parent to Parent’/Guardian. Repeat with the second cub/parent pair and that should fix the connection issue. There isn’t (I believe) anything you can do about the parent email address on the scout accounts, though. I’d be happy for someone from SUAC to tell me I’m wrong and Key 3/Key 3 Delegates can fix that, too. :^)

I’m a key 3 and I did the work around. That said…we give our parents ‘full control’ of their kids and I was able to give them the ability to view both of them, but not give them both full control…better than nothing🤷‍♀️

Full Control should automatically flow from setting them as a Parent/Guardian. Did that not happen? That might be a separate bug…

@KatieGooding Part 2 of the workaround is that you need to go to each Scout’s Connection page in Scoutbook, click on the second parent’s name, and update the connection type to parent / guardian.

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I had skipped over the second step. That fixed that issue and it’s now one less thing for me to try to straighten out on Scoutbook!

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