Merging two adult accounts under one email address

I have a Scoutbook account and I’m associated to my daughter’s BSA Troop 226 (SB User ID: 12449832, BSA Member ID: 14252155). My son is in Cub Scout Pack 614 and his den leader tried to link me to his account but it looks like she instead created a duplicate account with my same email address. Can you help me to connect these two accounts so I can see both my son’s and daughter’s scouting information under the SB/BSA credentials I listed above?

@ErinMcGhee the email was applied to your Scouts account - I will clear it out

What action do I need to take to l get a parent connection established to my son’s Scoutbook account? His credentials are SB User ID: 10332073, BSA Member ID: 136463168. I’m trying to have it set up as a parent connection to my credentials (SB User ID: 12449832, BSA Member ID: 14252155).

Easiest is your husband log in > go to Scout page > go to connections > add your as connection with parent checkmark

That method didn’t work because it kept trying to set me up with a new account. I was able to connect to my son using My Scoutbook → Dashboard → My Account → My Connections → Connect to your Scout as Parent/Guardian, and then finally entering my scouts BSA ID credentials.

Next challenge, my Scouting account shows my DOB as Invalid (Should be M/DD/YYYY). Can you help me correct that so I can join my son’s unit (Cub Scout Pack 614) as a parent and have access to his unit calendar?

For security of personal information, I recommend not posting your date of birth (DOB) in a publicly readable forum or email.

Contact your council’s registrar to fix your DOB in the BSA membership database.


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