Combining iCal Feeds?

Does anyone know of a way to combine feeds into a public calendar view?

I’m able to take our Scoutbook calendar feed and add it into our Google Calendar. I’ve also added feeds from our council and our school district.

But when I make the Google Calendar public, it doesn’t show events from the feeds, just ones that I add manually in at Google.

Is there any way to show the feed calendars also? Does Outlook do it? Maybe some other calendar?

It would be ideal if they could toggle on/off the other feeds also. Having them all (council, district, ISD) overlaid is helpful for planning the future calendar.

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Thank you. Are you a TeamUp user? I’ve never heard of it actually. Looks like they have a free level, so that could work.

Are you aware of a way to take a feed and make it part of your primary calendar? Once I added the feeds for the pack (Scoutbook), district (council website feed), council (council website feed), and school district (ISD website), I get a good cross of everything going on. It’s mostly important for us to create next years calendar, but I’d like to display it in the default public view also.

I was able to figure out that if I embed the calendar in a Google Site, it does allow me to select some of the fed calendars to it. That would probably scratch the itch, but or some reason though, it doesn’t show all of them as an option. Oddly inconsistent.

Can’t say I’ve ever used TeamUp, but there are new programs coming out all the time! I actually did this about a dozen years ago using an RSS feed - but fortunately the tech is better now!

You might want to create a new Google Calendar to display all the calendars that you want it to display and then use the integrate / embed customization to display all the calendars you want on your website.

More info from Google Calendar is here >> Add a Google calendar to your website - Google Calendar Help