Commitee Chair Login Issue

Our committee chair cannot recover her password due to an incorrect email address. Can anyone assist in getting a recovery sent to (e-mail removed by Moderator)

Muskingum Valley Council
Pack 217
Member ID 137293101

@JustinLogue Her e-mail looks correct to me.

We do not have the ability to do password resets. However, you local council can. I would recommend that she contact them and ask them to do a direct password reset.

@JustinLogue Actually, I think she has a different issue, because she has 2 BSA member numbers and 2 usernames at my.scouting.

@JustinLogue If you could ask her to log out, please, I can work on fixing things for her.

She’s logged out now.

@JustinLogue OK, things should be fixed now.

She should log in with her my.scouting username – not her e-mail.

She does not know the username

Council advised her to use her email instead

this is heather,
i have logged in and i can see a roster now, however, this is a different account than we were told to use.
im sorry this got so confusing.
H.G. (name removed by Moderator)

Member ID137293101

let me wait for justin to see what he says.

@JustinLogue It looks like she was able to log in.

@JustinLogue She is opted out of e-mails in Scoutbook.

She can opt back in by logging in to Scoutbook, and then:

  1. Go to “My Account”.
  2. Click on “Email”.
  3. Slide the “Messaging Opt-Out” toggle to the off position.