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Committee Chair shows not trained

Thanks, @edavignon. I was confused by the “mapping” and “corresponding to” comments made, so I figured there was an effort to match up partial training.

Here is a scan of his report. I penciled in the current SCO codes next to the old SCO codes. As you can see all were completed. The second scan is of the position requirements and the old codes and new codes correspond.

Ed the second number is 125925799

Once he adds his 2nd number to his my.scouting.org ID as a secondary Member ID per my instructions above, you should see that he is trained as a committee member. It may take 24 hours for the training from one MID to sync with the other.

As a watch out, the in person troop committee challenge I believe covers the committee chair in their role. Online, though, committee chair requires more modules than just committee member.

He is trained as a Committee Chair too.

The MID above belongs to Erin P. MID 125959799 belongs to Michael P. The last names are different. Make sure Michael uses the correct MID when he adds it to his my.scouting.org account.

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