Connect a new Cub Scout to an existing parent of a Boy Scout

Hello! I have a new Cub Scout in Pack 153 (SB ID 12172050, Scout ID 13980886) who has a big brother in Troop 153 (SB ID 4091934, Scout ID 129870269). The common parent is connected to the Boy Scout, but not to the Cub, whose account says ‘no parent’. However, when I search for her email, it’s not her name but the Cub Scout’s name that comes up.

When I try to connect her to that account, though, I get the error message, “Leader: Please try searching for the user again.”

Any idea how I can resolve this? Thank you!

Michelle, Troop 153

@MichelleBlake yeah that is a good one - I will look into it -

@MichelleBlake Not sure why it is doing that - but I established the parent connection for you

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Thank you so much! You are all the speediest responders in any area of my life, personal or professional! :slight_smile:

Take care,


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