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Connected parent not allowed to be counted as attending events nor able to access YPT online

One of my scouts has 3 parents listed in scout book as “Connected”. I am able to select the mother and the stepmother when entering “Attendance” but not the father. The mother and the stepmother have BSA #'s listed in their profile although neither have paid to officially join. The father does not have a BSA # listed.

The mother and the stepmother are able to logon to my.scouting and access the YPT course. The father can log on to his my.scouting account but is not able to access the YPT course. When he attempts to do so all he gets is the spinning arrow in the center of the screen. This happens regardless of internet connection type, operating system, or web browser.

I suspect that as soon as he has a BSA# assigned he will be able to access YPT. What do I need to do to get this fixed?

Anyone with a account has a BSA#. It is created automatically when an account is created. You will need to send an e-mail to to find out why he does not have a BSA# and cannot take YPT.

Thank you sir I’ll send them an email

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