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Parent can't connect to their Scout

Yesterday I invited a parent to connect to her Scout. She has a BSA ID and I found her in the list of people already in Scoutbook. She says that she was able to log into Scoutbook but can’t connect to her Scout. Now, when I look at her information under the Scout’s connections it shows that she is connected to her account but her connection to her Scout is pending. How can we fix this?

Did she click the link in the invitation email?

I thought so. But I will ask again.

She used the invitation and had to reset her password.

Is the “member ID” that is linked to her “my.scouting” profile the same one as what is on your roster? I have found that many problems with “missing training”, “unable to connect to scouts” etc. is due to a member id mismatch. Under legacy tools, she should go to “manage member id” and make sure that the number that is shown there is the same one as on your recharter paperwork. Not sure why there are sometimes two – I suspect that one is created by when YPT is first taken and the other is created when the adult application is processed.

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She is not on our roster at this time. She was a past Committee Member. Back in 2017 there was an issue where she had duplicate accounts but they were merged and it appears the Member ID that is listed in Scoutbook is the correct one.

Have you confirmed that she’s seeing the same member ID that you are when she logs in?

Yes, they are the same.

Is she logging in to Scoutbook with her my.Scouting username and password?

Try resetting the parent connection by:

  1. Going to the unit Roster page.
  2. Click on the Scout’s name.
  3. Click on the parent’s name.
  4. Click Update.

Sometimes this works.

I tried this. No change. I confirmed again that she can log in to my.scouting using the same user name and password and that the ID number matches.

@DanielWetenkamp - i think some screenshot of what you see and what the parent sees may be helpful. If the parent logs in and this is what they see:

It may be as simple as clicking on Administration to open the view.

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