Parent Connections and YPT

I have had several parents who are connected to their scouts and have taken YPT. Some have shown me their YPT certificates that it is completed, but it is not showing when I run a roster report as completed. Can you please let me know what the connection issue with this so I can help my parents get this resolved.

Parent BSA ID:13997313
Connected to Scout BSA ID: 13981680

Parent BSA ID: 140262985
Connected to Scout BSA ID: 140262986 & 13680336

Parent BSA ID: 140533638
Connected to Scout BSA ID: 140266097 & 140266100

Parent BSA ID: 140533798
Connected to Scout BSA ID: 140326234

Thank you for your help with this!

YPT parent 1

In order to get credit for Y01, all 4 modules must be taken within a 60-day window. Parent 1 took SCO_3008 too long before the other 3 modules.

I see no training for parent 2.

I see no training for parent 3.

For parent 4, I think he might have 2 BSA member ID numbers, but neither one has any training.

One help on this @DarrenFerlazzo watch parents log into to see their username - that might be on a different account than their parent one

@DarrenFerlazzo If you have a copy of their YPT certificates, look for their their name and BSA number on it.

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