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Connecting scouts on Scoutbook

For some reason Scoutbook is refusing to allow me to connect our COR/Advancement coordinator to several scouts. I am the committee chair. The COR as a member of the Key 3 should also have the ability to set connections with scouts, but both of us are not being allowed to set permissions for some of our scouts. Also, Scoutbook keeps randomly removing permissions for some of our adult leaders. Seems like every month I have to keep resetting permissions for our unit treasurer and our COR/Advancement coordinator. We have linked boy and girl troops so both troops share leaders, but both rosters include the adult leaders and their proper roles. Getting tired of my advancement chair and treasurer having to regularly re-establish connections and permissions. Kind of hard for both to do their jobs when Scout book keeps refusing to allow them the proper access.

Did anything else change for them when they permissions changed? Did their position end? Or maybe their bsa member number change?

Does their position have a green shield by it? Does the bsa member number in scoutbook match member manager?

Does your COR have a Unit Admin position on his/her profile?

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