Connection Email doesn't work

We crossed over 6 Webelos to our Troop yesterday and was provided the connection email but these scouts aren’t available when I click the link. I could have something to do with my user since in the 2-3 months things have been getting messed up. Can someone help assist finding these scouts?

@JDeMeritt - my immediate thought is to log into scoutbook then go to the troop andthey are scouts not in a patrol. Additionally was this an email from scoutbook or What is your position in the troop because key 3 and unit admins should be connected to all scouts automatically.

Stephen, it was more than that and I needed Scoutbook Admin to help and they did, thanks.

@JDeMeritt - glad to hear that it is all sorted for you. The admin step of those connections and approvals is jey.

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