Connection Manager broken?

When we try to update the connection manager we receive this message

The list contains every adult leader in the unit. If we select an individual adult from the connection manager every position option is greyed out
Troop 0317, Denver Area Council

The Connection Manager is working for me.

Are you having issues with any person in particular? Or are you having the same issue no matter which adult or Scout you select?

One adult that I trying to fix her connections is SB User ID: 291287 BSA Member ID: 129036726. she should have full control over all scouts.

@RichardHall go to unit roster > click her name > click Admin position > click update - see if that solves it

@RichardHall It looks like she is already a Troop Admin.

Try re-setting her Troop Admin role by following Donovan’s instructions (above).

No, her permission in connection manager still show

I did it again and now she has full control.

@RichardHall I do not see her with all FC - there might be old connections that need to be cleaned up

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