Connections Manager (and therefore Permissions by Position) timing out! URGENT

This is a serious and URGENT issue, as we cannot set/unset access permissions.

Secondarily, the bug that is granting ‘View Advancement’ when ‘View Profile’ is selected needs to be fixed ASAP.

Although a real chore, we’ve been working around this issue where necessary by going into individual adults/scouts and adjusting connections. It’s far from ideal, but can at least be a holding action while we wait for the final fix to be released.

Is the Connections Manager working for you at the patrol level?

Yes, it “works”*** at the patrol level, but the patrol level does not allow you to set permissions for non-leader parents outside of the patrol.

*** ‘View Advancement’ is incorrectly set when ‘View Profile’ is selected.

We have 116 adults/parents and 78 scouts.

This means managing 9048 individual connections. Managing these at the individual level is not an acceptable workaround.

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This has been reported to the developers. They have been working on the fix to the view advancement issue, but I’m not sure when it will be ready.

I can no longer see “Connections Manager” as an option in our troop roster (nor add or transfer a scout). I am the Committee Chair and used to have the capability to change permissions for adults. Please advise.

There is no Manage Connections link in Scoutbook. On the Roster Page you should be looking for Connections Manager.

Correct. My error on the naming. That is the one I meant. I am not able to see “Connections Manager” on the Roster page. I also used to be able to click on the adults’ names and view their profile, but I am not able to do that. I can only click on the scouts to view.

It looks like you are the unit admin for more than one unit. Does connections manager appear on the roster page for any of them?

No. I am COR for both the Pack and the Troop, but I cannot see it on either Roster page.

Which options do you see at the bottom of the roster page?

I see none. Everything is gone.

Are you logging in with mterrill44?

Yes, I am logging in with mterrill44.

On the roster page, do you see scout full names or just first name and last initial?

I see scouts first and last names, rank, etc.

Try going to the troop roster page, click your name, your positions. Click update. Does that change what appears at the bottom of the troop roster page?

I cannot even click on my own name on the troop roster page. All of the adults are “black” and not clickable. The scouts are “red” and clickable. I don’t feel like I’ve been getting all the council emails recently either (and I’m Chairperson), if that helps shed more light.

Ok, this sounds like an issue some others are having today. I’ll report it to the developers.