Connection Manager Disappeared - Can't grant Roles

The connection manager seems to have disappeared from the bottom of the roster page.

This affects the ability to grant roles.

I am trying to add leaders as the pack secretary to update our calendar.

I am currently listed as both Cubmaster and Pack Admin; in the past this was possible.
Below is a screenshot of the place where it used to be… and currently missing from.

Any help would be most appreciated.

David Durkee

Pack 457 BAS-PTSO
Transatlantic Council
Brussels, Belgium

You can try resetting your unit admin role by following this path: → My Dashboard → My Units → Pack/Troop #### → Roster → Your Name → Current Positions and Roles → Pack/Troop Admin → Uncheck then recheck Position Approved → Click Update → Return to Roster

It’s worked for some people today, but not for others. There’s a known issue that’s being worked on by development.

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