Connection to scouts lost after merging multiple accounts

I have a parent who had multiple accounts. They are now merged and it was supposed to be connected to his scouts account. But it’s been almost a month since the merge and his account hasn’t been connected to his sons.

Parent: G.J 137218605
Scout1: C.J 137218604
Scout2: Z.J 137218606

Would you please connect him to his scouts?
Thank you.

In principle, a unit Scoutbook admin can connect parents to their respective scouts. Generally the unit Key 3 (CM/SM, CC, COR) are all Scoutbook unit admins, and they (or other unit admins) can assign additional admins.

The information at the help link below is slightly dated, but still appears accurate. A key issue is making sure that you search for the adult (I recommend using email address since it’s unique), since you know they already have an account. If you don’t find the parent via that method, it might be worth checking to see if they are already connected to the scouts, just not as a parent.

@RinaSalaka this is solved and WJ accounts are also fixed

I checked the scouts’ accounts but they are still showing as not connected to the parent’s account.

May I ask what WJ accounts mean?

Thank you!

the father probably needs to log in - if he chooses to - WJ is the third son who had 3 Scoutbook user accounts - I just merged them to clean it up

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I see. I will ask him to log in. Yes there were multiple account for his 3rd child somehow. Thank you very much for fixing it!

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