Connections keep reverting to full control

I go in to the Scout’s Connections page, limit those connections as appropriate so that everyone doesn’t have full access (the red toggle slide moves with each click but takes some 3, 4, 5 clicks to get it to fully slide to off–what’s with that?), I check the connections page to make sure it is accurate, I Ctrl-F search the page to make sure I’m not missing any Full Control connections, I log out, log in, it’s all still in order.

Then I come back an hour or a day or a week later and there’s some random assortment of people showing as having full control again. No seeming rhyme or reason to it.

While on the topic: why is the default that all connections have the ability to edit the child’s profile and advancement, even when Scoutbook says that isn’t the default assumption for use?

Scout is dual-enrolled. Choosing a leader in Unit A while in the tab for Unit A will have that leader’s update go through but not take, still showing as having full control on the Connections page. If I modify Unit A’s leader connections while under the Unit B tab and vice-versa, the update takes and everything shows correctly. Until it randomly doesn’t at some later date.

Unit admins, den/patrol admins, and parents will always have full control of their scouts. Are the adults in question any of those things, possibly for the other unit?

Key 3 are often included but sometimes it is random ASMs, Committee members, etc whom I do not think have admin access, and which ones show up change out over time.

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