Parental access change in Scoutbook

I have been having an issue with one of my children’s scoutbook parental access. I have 3 scouts and this only occur to one of the 3. I am not a registered leader at this time so I do not have access to the entire units’ connection manager side of scoutbook. I have been in a leadership role in the past and know some of the behind the stuff on the leadership side.

Since Nov of last year, roughly every other month, scoutbook changes my parental access from full control to view profile only. I have contact the troop’s leadership each time and they have been able to correct the issue. This is only happening with 1 of my 3 children. And it seems to only happen when I view the connections for my scout (to connect with a merit badge counselor) and while I am on my cell. I have not yet had the issue happen when I view the site on my laptop or desktop.

And just to clarify, I do not have your app. This is looking at scoutbook from the website version on my cell. I have yet to find something on your help forum regarding this particular issue, though I will continue to look.

I am hoping that someone can help and prevent this from happening again.

Yes I see this let us investigate @StaceyBuckellew

@StaceyBuckellew so you think it happens when you go to their connections page?

It happens when i go to his connection page and rhen back out to back to his profile.

@StaceyBuckellew do you have a few minutes for some tests? so I can give better info to developers.

Depends. In about 15 minutes have to run kids to school.

Well we can do it over time - I want to see the connections get lost and know the exact path you took to do it - ex. I clicked on Scout from My Family on Dashboard then clicked connection. VS. I clicked unit, and then scout

I re-established Full Control for you

What is weird is that it doesnt happen every time.

It could be the path that matters.

When i do this, i go through my dashboard after logging in where i see my 3 kids, click on Kaleb’s name, then go to his connections.

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