Tiger Den Leader cannot maintain advancements for all Tigers (only a select few)

Our Tiger Den Leader is reporting to us (Advancement Coordinators and Committee Chair) that he can only maintain advancements for 2 of his Tiger Cubs (1 is his own son, the other is not his son). Can you please review and let us know rootcause? His BSA Member ID# 110062961.


I would take a look at the TL’s connections to the scouts in their den. Do they have Edit Advancement permissions for all of the scouts? That’s what’s needed in order to record advancement for the scouts. One way to ensure that den leaders (in general) are automatically assigned those permissions is for a unit admin (Key 3, Key 3 delegate, assigned Unit Admin) to set them as Den Admins for their respective dens. That way, any new scouts added to those dens are automatically connected to the den leader via the Den Admin position.

@KrisMullinax it is a connections issue - easiest solution is to make them Den Admin

Thanks Charley and Donovan. I’ll relay to the Chair and come back to you with outcome.

He has the Den Admin role (twice) but it appears his most current role was delimited by someone on the Scoutbook side?; the end date was made 1/29/2022.
Notes state “DateEnded set by AkelaSBDeltaSync as AkelaExpiryDate < CharterRenewalDate”

both Den admins are ended

yes but not by us. So do we just reinstate him as Den Admin again? Best practice suggestions?

it looks like he was den leader when it was ended for unregistered members - yes reinstate I think

Ok thanks, done. I’ll wait to hear back from the Tiger Den leader if he is all set. Have a great weekend!

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