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Separate Scoutbook feature access rules for each Scouting program?

Scoutbook appears to have been first written for Cub Scouting. However the “mechanics” and “methodology” for each Scouting program is different. Which is to say other Scouting programs are youth and young adult run, not adult leader run. Youth leaders need access to add and view advancement records in their sub-organizations.

  • Scouts BSA is not Cub Scouting
  • Venturing is not Cub Scouting
  • Sea Scouts BSA is not Cub Scouting
  • Career Exploring is not Cub Scouting
  • STEM Scouts is not Cub Scouting

Each program has its own requirements. (Some programs may not need advancement tracking unless the trail to Eagle Scout is allow to continue in their program.)

As we move forward, please add a features/function access table with different access rules for each Scouting program.

Please consider merging Scoutbook unit structure with the my.Scouting Organization Manager tool.

Please consider merging Scoutbook unit access control with my.Scouting Organization Security Manager.(FAQ)

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I’m not sure I can get behind this particular idea, @Bill_W. The BSA actively restricts most leaders to one position in any given unit, whereas many units, including my own, have adult leaders who wear multiple hats. As a result, many units need the level of access associated with the functional positions, rather than being restricted to only the registered positions, in order to make the troop structure functional.

Overall, I’d like to see more youth-centric access rules for the non-Cubs programs, so that the youth themselves can manage more of the troop functions (e.g. authorization by the Scoutmaster for youth to approve youth advancement, ability to take attendance by the scribe, etc). Some of these features are obviously under development/partially implemented (e.g. attendance in the Scouting app).

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