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Connections to new Scouts

I seem to always have some issue when we get a new Scout, and move them to their first patrol, where connections are lost. This has happened over the last several months. I now know the workaround to go to my profile and reset myself as unit admin to restore connections, but I shouldn’t have to do that.


You are correct, you should not need to do this. Please post your unit number and council and we will have the developers look into the issue again. Are you a unit admin?

@BryanBlair How are you moving the Scouts to their new patrol? Are you using the “Reassign Scout(s)” button on the patrol page? Or some other method?

Troop 2, Blue Mountain Council

When the new Scouts are added, I go into their membership and use reassign patrol to put them in their patrol. I am the Scoutmaster and a Troop admin. More often than not, assigning Scouts to the patrol breaks my connection to them. Sometimes my wife can log in and restore the connection. The last two times, it seemed the connection was broken to all troop admins from what I could tell. When I updated my troop admin role, it was corrected.

On the Scout before this last one, she wouldn’t synch with advancement synch for a week or two. I contacted my council and seems they corrected that issue.

Does it break the connection immediately, or does it usually happen after a day or so?

The connection breaks immediately when I assign them to the first patrol.

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