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Reassigning a scout to a new patrol caused scout's connection to admin to break

I used this button to reassign a scout to a different patrol. It does not allow you to pick a date so I went in and changed the dates (end of one and start of the other). When I logged back in 2 hours later, my connection to the scout was broken. All I could do is “invite” him to connect.


Is the Scout Adam B? I see you are still connected with full control.

If not, can you provide his first name and last initial?

Thank you for the follow-up.

I posted my own son’s name as an example to show which path I used that resulted in the problem. I don’t dare try to replicate the problem again for you using him or some other scout.

The scout I was disconnected from was Paul S. I used the only option I had - the “invite” button — to try to reconnect. His dad, the SM, accepted the invite. Thank god it was a parent who was already familiar with SB.

When the parent accepted the invite , it appears to have reconnected me and Paul.

I did not end his membership in the troop. I simply moved him from one patrol to another and changed the end date of the old patrol membership and the start date of the new patrol membership to represent when he moved. In that order.

The problem still remains - moving a scout from one patrol to another and then changing the start and end dates of patrol membership should not delete connections between the scout and the troop admins.

I’m good for now.

This was unexpected. This is a Life Scout. When timing could be critical, I can’t afford to be disconnected from scouts in this way and have to rely on parents to fix the connection. I’m glad that the IA interface was still ok in case I needed to do advancement work.

Janell Bunger-Spiecha

Thanks Janell for the repro instructions.

I edited your post so that it does not show the Scout’s name.

Wouldn’t you want to change the Patrol info from the Troop page? SB closed now due to update, so can’t remember exact wording, but when I click on my Troop’s name I see the 5 different Patrols we have. I move scouts around via this window (go in to the appropriate Patrol and “Invite” the scout, which, because I’m an Admin, moves him but does not actually send an Invite). No dates are required for starting and stopping, just moves the scout.
One issue could be that you your Connections to different Patrols? If you are the Patrol Admin for X, but scout moves to Y and you are not Patrol Admin for Y, you lose your Connection.
Two thoughts on how to fix/not have it occur again.

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