Consolodation of 3 Scoutbook accounts


We have a Scout who has moved around a bit the last few years and has accumulated 3 Scoutbook accounts…all of which have wrong information. Before we register him in our troop, we were wondering if we could get his accounts down to just 1.

BSA #2 135632993
BSA #3 131809267

Let me know if you need any other identifying information. Once we’ve got him down to 1 account, we are going to try to register him for our Troop!
Becky Clark
NCAC Troops 1965 B&G Committee Chairman

By “wrong information” do you mean something beyond the unit information being outdated? If so, I can send you a private message to discuss.

Yes and no. I do know how to update their profiles.

These accounts all need to be consolidated in to one then I will go about registering him for our troop so he doesn’t have then 4 accounts.


Ok, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t leaving any info behind on one that gets deleted. I’ve merged the accounts, anyway.

I also noted that there are three parent accounts, but only one has an email address associated with it. I can easily merge one of them away also. But I’m not sure what to do with the one that has both mom and dads name on it. If dad has an email address that we should include, I can PM you. Or I’ll merge that away too.

Actually, I went ahead and merged that one with both parent names since it had mom’s DOB and email address. It’ll be cleaner for you to add a new parent if dad wants to be in the loop.

Is everything ok for little brother? Looks like he is young enough that he maybe only had one prior council.

Also, mom should log in with her my.scouting username which is of the format FirstnameLastname1

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