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When I try to run a commissioner contact report the screen comes up blank. The same happens when I try to run a training report. I have provided date ranges and refreshed frequently but have no luck.

Please advise

I am receiving an error when trying to open the Advancement report from Contacts->Print feature.
Error looks to be sporadic which it may only be occurring on certain web servers.
I was trying to access the report for Longhorn Council 662, Mustang District, P309 and T170 at 8pm CST on 12/17/2020.

@JackBall Please try again. I was able to run the Commissioner Contact Report this morning and the Trained Leaders report (see screen shots). (Please provide additional details if you are still having issues… such as which report specifically.)

@ChristopherMahanna you might be right that the issue was sporadic… I ran both this morning and sent to you for 2020 year-to-date in a private message.