COR can't accept 19 year old Adult Venturing Participant. Only Adult 21+ position choice shows

Hardware: Desktop
Operating system Windows 10
Chrome Version 126.0.6478.127 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Member ID: 126028365
Council: Three Fires Council

@GaryFeutz FYI

Let me take a look

@KevinWills I do not see a crew registration that is active - please talk to council

It is APPLICATION ID 201274796

that does not help SUAC at all - talk to council as I said - sorry

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Council Registrar said to talk to since there is nothing they can do.
Why can you not see the application to crew 2127?
My Scouting

@KevinWills Council can send in National Member Care Ticket


The bug is in my.scouting not scoutbook.


The only way to get bugs with fixed is for the council to open a ticket with BSA Member Care.


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