Hiking Hours did not transfer - Scout transferred from California Council to Georgia Council

Parent runs hiking hours on App and they are different than what the Advancement chair sees. Looks like the hours logged at the last council are not transferring over, however, other Advancement stuff has transferred. Any ideas on how to sync/resync so hours get updated?


Post the Scout’s BSA Member ID (no names) and we will investigate. Most likely the Scout was registered with a different name or DOB when transferring Councils so the system could not find the original account.

Thanks. Will this (if it works) also sync other items like Service Hours and Camping if there are any?



I’m looking into this now.

For the first Scout, first initial B, his account was properly migrated to the new Council. I see activities from 2019 to 2022 in his record.

The 2nd Scout, first initial A, also migrated properly to the new Council. He has activities from 2020 to 2022.

When I run a report (Internet Advancement) on B, the first Hike I see is 07/25/2021. What do you see for Hiking?

Could you please detail how the advancement chair is pulling the hiking report?


Click on Reports (left hand side)
Click Reports Tab
Click View on Activity Log Report
Adjust dates (back to 2018)
Select Sort by Den
Check Box on Hiking Log (uncheck others)
Run by “All Dates”
Click RUN

When I pull up B’s name by actually clicking on his name and selecting Hiking, I do see he has 23.3 miles hiking. Which includes the prior hikes from the other council. But when I run a report like I described above, I only get 12.8 miles hiking.

I know in the past you had to enter your Hiking, Service Hours, and Camping directly into Scoutbook. Then early last year, they pushed everything to the “Internet Advancement” site. I was told anything entered manually prior to this would be pulled into Internet Advancement but would NOT count toward JTE. So I had to go in and enter duplicate Hiking, Service Hours, and Camping for my scouts so they would get credit for 2021 JTE. Could this be part of the problem?


Try sort by Scout instead of by Den and see if all of his hiking appears. We are trying to narrow down the bug for the developers.

@TimothyGutierrez - and beyond that I seem to recall that the logs moved over in 2020. So for 2021 they would have already been in the IA2.0 section.


We have already confirmed the records are all there. This appears to be just a reporting issue.

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@edavignon - thanks… I was more concerned about duplicate entries. Let me move along as you work this…

@TimothyGutierrez Please check your reports again. We believe the issue has been fixed.

It looks like it is fixed on my side. I reached out to our Hiking chair and the parent to see what they see. Thanks so much for getting this fixed.

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