Council in Scoutbook does not match council in

I have a parent who I cannot connect to her son on Scoutbook. I think the reason may be that on her council is listed correctly, but on Scoutbook it is showing a different council. I don’t know how this could have happened, nor how to fix it. She just created an account and it was like this.

When I try to add her to her son’s connections, it sends an invite but does not list her under her son with the broken chain link like normal. When she clicks on the invite link, it just takes her to the Scoutbook dashboard but does not link her up.

To fix the council, she should go to my dashboard > administration > my account > edit profile. The council and district are about halfway down the page.

I doubt that’s the underlying issue, but it’s worth a try.

That worked, thanks! Now we have the other issue to resolve, that I’ll post in a new thread.

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