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Council information

We just had a crossover from another council. The process went smoothly, but I have a question. The current council CSP is shown under his name, which is correct. The membership page has his former council listed with the correct end date. However, the council listed at the bottom of his page is his former council. Is that right? And if not, how do I fix it?

post a screen shot - there are alot of pages in Scoutbook


First image is correctly displayed with the current council. The 2nd image shows his former council. Both images are on the Scout’s individual page that contains links for profile, advancement, camping log, etc.

Eric, what council, district, and zip code are listed on the Scout’s Edit Profile page?

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That’s what it was. His former council was still listed in the profile even though his personal page listed the current one. Too bad that doesn’t update on it’s own.

Thank you!