Transfer Scouts still showing old council

Hi again!

Our Pack had several out of state transfer Scouts last year. Even thought they’re fully functional in our Pack’s Scoutbook, they’re still showing their old councils. Is this a problem? (I imagine it is). Any ideas on how to fix it? Our council processes all transfers…

You need to
Go into each Scout’s profile and edit the council. It is not updated by Member Update.

It doesn’t give me the option. There isn’t a drop down menu or anything.

Correction! In the Scout’s profile there IS a drop down, but it’s only for other councils close to where they used to live. Nothing even in our state.

Is their Zip Code correct?

Update their address abs zip code first.

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I just checked, and you’re right. Still the old zip code. I’m assuming once that’s changed that a list of councils in our state will appear? Makes sense! Thank you!

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