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Council MBC Upload Frequency

Why are councils only able to upload once a month? I was approved (verified in myscouting) last month, but still not showing in scoutbook.com. Talked to council folks and they said they’re only allowed to upload once a month.


There is nothing in Scoutbook that prevents a Council from uploading the list more than once a month. A Council could upload their list daily if they desire.

This may be a Council decision to balance the workload of the staff member that does the MBC upload.

That makes sense to me, however I was told they were only allowed to upload once a month. Thanks for the quick reply!

There is nothing in the program that prevents a council uploading as often as they want. I know this to be true because I during my testing of the interface I have uploaded my Council’s list multiple times in the same day.

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My council registrar also told me that she updates once a month, not that it can ONLY be once a month, but that it’s a big effort, and can only be done by uploading the whole council list.

Are there any plans to allow incremental updates? Or integrate more closely with the main scout DB?


Do you know if you council stores the MBs that each MBC counsels in ScoutNet? If they do the process of uploading the list is not difficult. The registrar runs 2 ScoutNet reports then pasta the results into an Excel spreadsheet. Runs a macro in the spreadsheet to convert the data for the MBC upload format. Most of the work is done by computer with very little registrar time requires.

Apparently, the “import” process is not just a simple - push a button and scoutnet goes to scoutbook. It is a download from scoutnet into a spreadsheet. Pass the spreadsheet through some kind of re-formatter, then import into scoutbook. If scoutbook had a direct connection or a nightly sync for this with scoutnet, none of these digital gymnastices would be needed. When a council added, updated or removed an individual MBC in real time in scoutnet, a direct connection or even a nightly sync would make those changes visible in scoutbook.


That is the ideal situation. Unfortunately there are many councils that do not associate MBCs with the MBs they counsel in ScoutNET. If they did, it would be an easy problem to solve.

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