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Council Name in Header

While not a Scoutbook Feature request but a Forum Feature request. Can Council name be added to headers (under name). May help foster some interaction. Also for those councils more pro-active in Scoutbook Support and training they can hop in and help when their folks have an issue.


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I don’t understand. Can you elaborate?

It would make it easier to quickly help people find local resources. For example if I saw someone from my council post a question that seemed like they needed some one on one help I would reach out to them. In addition if someone posted about people not showing up in scoutbook a fellow council member might be able to chime in if the registar has been out and they are 3 weeks behind. Stuff like that.



The forums are a standard product, not a custom platform for the BSA. Discourse does not have a way to do something like you are asking.

I asked this question as I am seeing a lot of basic questions being asked that seem to need some specific hands on help (dupe accounts etc.). Can an option be made to create a group of sub categories that would show up based on a persons membership (similar to how I see my registered units message boards). These would be created at the request of a council Scoutbook Champion.

So if I requested one be created for my council people with membership in my council (only) would see a group in the Scoutbook area called xyz council Scout Help desk.

It would take some pressure off SUAC members and help connect folks to a local resource.


Anything requiring automated group membership is difficult. I still don’t think the groups for unit forums are being updated properly.

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