Counselors set to 0 Merit Badges

Why did a late February national system sync, cause most merit badge counselors to be set to 0 merit badges? Is there no quality testing? Do I now have to submit new paperwork to once again become a merit badge counselor? Unacceptable! Does Scouting employ these IT folks or is this a contracted out? I firmly believe they have broken more than they have fixed, just saying.

This is most likely an issue with your councils staff - they control the MBs for MBCs - check there first

Council staff has told me its a national issues and has-been reported by many councils. Need better control.

This has not been an issue in our council.

This has not happened in our council either and since MBC are a council function I am not sure where national with fit into the mix.

@RichardHall See if it’s back now.

Yes, appears to be back. Could you tell me why?


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It seems several councils had at least 2 instances of MBCs for users in the Registration Database - this caused some issues - so IT limited it to a single - but when this happened it triggered Member Update that puts or takes SB memberships which was not expected.

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