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Creating a Purchase Report

I have entered in earned MBs and ranks for our scouts. Is there a way to run a purchase report based on date range entries? The one that downloaded did not seem accurate.

The best way to build your purchase order is to use the Needs Purchasing Report. Each item that has been earned but not added to a PO will be shown, and you can check them off and add them to the PO. After you click the Add button, the draft PO will open and you can review it to make sure that the items you wanted were added. It will show you both the items and the names of the Scouts for whom you are buying them, like this:
You can keep a PO open all the time, add things as they are earned, and save the PO after you check it. Once you are ready to go purchase, close the PO and print out the advancement report:

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Are you thinking there are too few or too many items on the purchase order?

You can use the “Scouts BSA Recognition Report” as a check against your Purchase Order (PO).

To get to it in Internet Advancement, click on “Reports” on the left side of the screen, and then click on the “Reports” tab.

  • Enter your start and end dates.
  • You can choose to sort by Award Name
  • Check the box next to "“Include Awarded Within Date Range” to catch items that might have been marked Awarded by accident.
  • Check the box next to “Include Not-Awarded Regardless of Date Range” to display items outside of your date range that have not been awarded / presented to the Scout yet.
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It was both, some were missing, some where from a long time ago. I got a couple of other replies that are helpful. Thank you for responding.