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Creating an attendance matrix using the troop calendar

Hate to draw further comparison to Troopmaster, but it’s what I have been using for years.
It would like to be able to generate a blank attendance report for future activities so our Scribe can take attendance at our meetings. In Troopmaster I can generate a report by selecting the activity type (troop meeting), a range of dates, and who to include (all scouts). The sheet generated has each scout in the left column and the top row with meeting dates. All our scribe has to do is go down the column for each meeting date and check off who’s present.
Trying to something similar in Scoutbook gives me the dates in the left column and scout across the top row. Not a big deal. the annoying thing is that because these are future meetings a no is placed for each scout. I’d like this to be a blank box where the Scribe can put a simple checkmark. Annoying thing #2 is that the report break the scouts down by den. I would prefer to have a single page document with the scouts listed alphabetically. The report from Scoutbook is a 4 page document.

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