Creating youth Scoutbook accounts

Are there instructions anywhere for how to invite a youth to scoutbook? Is this still something only the parent can do?
I think I may have done this once years ago, to try to figure it out for our parents, so now I can’t even go through the process myself to learn how it works!

Yes. There’s one near the bottom of this help wiki article:

Also yes. I believe that the scout can also create their own my.scouting account, then use those credentials to log into Scoutbook. They need to be scrupulously careful that their PII matches what’s already in the system, though, so that it catches that they already have an account and doesn’t try to create a new one.

ETA: There’s a how-to for that as well:

It’s probably good for the parent or a scouter to provide the scout’s BSA ID before the scout tries to create a my.scouting account so they recognize if they end up with the wrong one.

Are there any steps to worry about if a scout has more than one BSA number? We’re on a council boundary line, so have many scouts who do cubs in one council and troop in another.

@ChristyDryden - the multiple council registration becomes tricky as the they have two BSA ID’s while scoutbook is set up for a single BSA ID. This leads to two scoutbook identities.

Thanks. We’re in!
I didn’t realize that a scout could initiate the process on their own. That’s really helpful since we have some parents who stubbornly refuse to move even a little into the digital age and don’t have Scoutbook accounts yet.
I need to find a different scout to be the guinea pig for setting up a brand new account since my son had an old abandoned one and the process is a bit different, but I’m feeling so much more confident about being able to do that without hitting major roadblocks.

For anyone else reading this post later - my son no longer has access to the email account that is his username, but from the parent account I was able to change the email address on file for him. This does NOT change the username, but does change where the password reset email goes. I did that last year, then we got stuck because he was trying to log in with his current email address and needed to use the old email address to request the reset link.

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It looks like this is only a problem if the scout sets up Scoutbook access using both numbers. I don’t think any of our transfers used their accounts before switching to our council, so should be okay. I can see that this could be especially troublesome, though, if you were trying to use scoutbook in a Venturing Crew or Sea Scout Ship in a different council from your troop.

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