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I have searched the forum and think this function has changed. Connecting a scout to scoutbook via the parent invite. HOW TO GUIDE

The extended information page no longer has the button “Invite Scout to Connect.” How do parents do this? Make the scouts email primary in their profile?

@GoodloeWhite They are working on adding this functionality back.

In the meantime, however, parents should be able to help their Scouts create an account at my.scouting. As long as the name and date of birth are the same, they should be able to connect to the Scout’s already existing BSA member number.

So they should just go to and click on “create account” button on the left. Should they have the BSA ID before doing this. Does the parent need to be logged in? Do you know what message they will see to takeover the existing account?

We have had a lot of problems with duplicate accounts in the past. Thanks for your help.

Yes have BSA #. Parents are not logged in cause no one is logged in - thus the create account shows on the left

parent did this for following user: SB User ID:1884533, BSA Member ID: 134827893

When Scout logs in, they get a message “Warning, another user is using the same e-mail address …”
The scout is also not connected to their parent, which is what I see in Scoutbook. I can share a screenshot if need be.

Scout is connected to parents - no other use of that email

Don’t think there is any identifiable info in this image…

Are you sure you sent the right numbers?

I would say log in as you to see what it looks like on parents

No, sorry. SB User ID: 2138530 BSA Member ID: 134828082

Those numbers have never logged in

Scout made a new account DOB is different

This is fixed - I would check on DOB and have council fix if needed

Thank you. What do you mean by “this is fixed” – he should be able to login to his account which likely has an incorrect DOB? I will follow up with council to get that fixed. Thanks again.

He should be able to get in account

Confirmed. They were able to do so. It looks like the incorrect birthday was entered when they tried to setup his account in my.scouting

so it should be day 1 not day 11 - if so I can probably fix that

Scouts birthday is 1st day of the month. That’s what I’m seeing in his profile in SB/IA

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