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Crossed out "M" icon on scout profiles: What does it mean

Recently, 3 of my registered scout have lost their active sync status and have an M icon on their name with a line through the M. what does that mean and how if they were syncing once they now are not? I also noticed that the line in the scout’s profile with the BSA # is blank and grayed out…So if I try to put the bsa# back in, I can’ any help would be great.

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@AlexMauer - can you post a snapshot of what you are seeing ? Also, are they listed on the unit roster in my.scouting.org ?

I think that means they have opted out of messages

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That is very possible, but the lack of the BSA ID has me thinking something else is up with these accounts.

Try using the transfer tool under scout roster - see if you can get the Scouts in that way maybe

Is this the crossed M you’re talking about? If so, then it means that the scout (or adult) has opted out from receiving messages. The only place I’ve seen it is when creating or editing calendar events, and it’s there to let you know that those scouts will not receive event reminders. Note that only scouts who have been invited by their parents and set up an account will show up this way. If they do not have an account set up (and thus no email address), there is no icon.


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