Crossover parents being constantly asked to "rejoin" and "renew"

So, crossed over and transferred several scouts from local packs into my two troops, however now all the parents are getting warnings that they need to “rejoin” and “renew” and that their membership expired 2/29/24.

"Attention Parent/Guardian

Your youth’s NAME REDACTED membership in Scouting expired 2/29/2024. To rejoin Scouting, click on “Renew”.

Of course, when I go into I see they are registered and AOK in the troops effective 3/1/24, but I’ve had to talk to at least 4 parents at this point, including one parent just 3 minutes ago.

Any thoughts? Bug fixes? Thanks!

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I haven’t looked up these scouts yet, but we ran across a case recently with the same symptom where their pack membership wasn’t ended. So, they were multipled instead of transferred. Contacting your registrar to end the pack memberships may solve that.

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I’m in communication with the pack Key-3 delegate who did the transfer (who is in my troop) who confirms they are off the charter in the pack. Moreover, pulling the Person Profile for the scouts I am seeing no multiple but a termination.

@WilliamsburgScouter If you could post the BSA member ID number of one of the Scouts, we can take a look.

BSA member ID 12974271

Yes, the Scout’s registration with the pack still shows as “current”.

It’s like the Scout has a dual registration with the pack and the troop. The council Registrar should be able to end the pack registration.

How odd; it is not showing this at all for me. Thanks!

It shows an expiration date of: 02/29/2024, but it still shows as “current”.

“Is Current” should be “No”.

So, just as a bug fix/reference the way we transferred was

  1. The Pack Key-3 Delegate, who also happens to be an ASM in the troop, and I sat down next to each other.
  2. He transferred the scouts via Organization Manager → Roster → Select Scout → Transfer
  3. I then accepted via Membership Manager → Application

In other words, exactly this In-council transfer initiated by the unit they are leaving Transferring from Another Unit - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

I am wondering if we moved too quickly.

The application submission was 03/23/2024 10:08:58; I accepted as soon as the application showed up (listed as 03/23/2024 12:22 PM)

I wonder if it happened so fast it did not have enough time to truly end/terminate the pack membership?

I’d be surprised if you did anything wrong. I’m guessing it’s just a bug.

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I also think it is a bug, because we have seen some similar cases recently.

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Once the Troop confirms to me that they have transferred the bridgeover youth, I go into scoutbook and put an end date in their membership record.

This is not sufficient to stop the reminders. The problem is that in Akela, the person database, the pack membership is not ending, thus the Scout is listed in the troop and pack simultaneously. This needs to be fixed by the Scout’s council.

I have not had this happen to us before. But maybe with the new rolling registrations, we will start to see this.

Just a note to say that I am also a crossover parent and we are all experiencing this too. I have taken this thread and forwarded it to leadership in hope that it provides info they can act upon. Thanks very much!

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