Scouts keep being deactivated

We have had several boys crossover from Webloes that keep being deactivated. For some reason, under their membership, an end date to their enrollment to the troop is added and then we no longer have access to their record. The parent has to go in, delete the end date, and then they reappear. Unfortunately, at midnight the end date is re-added and they disappear. We can’t enter progress on advancement or merit badges. Please advise

Post their BSA Member IDs (no names) we will investigate.


There are more, but since they disappeared, I dont have their numbers. But at least this is a start

Those 2 Scouts are still registered as Webelos Scouts with their pack. That is why they keep dropping off the troop’s roster in Scoutbook.

They need to be officially registered with the troop.

They have been. All their info has been sent to the scout office.

@TroyLove I believe you, but it looks like your council has not processed their transfer applications, yet.

Ugh. Those were sent months ago. Thanks. We will follow up



Try changing the start date for these Scouts to today. This should give you an extra 60 days to get the problem straightened out. Put their actual start date in a note field so you can restore it once the Council gets them properly registered.

Thats a great idea, thank you.

I have a Scout that is no longer showing Synced in Scoutbook. I checked with the Council and they have him in Scoutnet assigned to our Troop. I also look in my.scouting and I see him in our official roster but again he shows up not synced in Scoutbook. Any thoughts?

His User ID is: 1341071

@VinsonLevi go to the scouts membership and try unapproving it > save > then reapprove it

That seemed to fix the issue. Thanks much.

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