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I have a Scout SB ID: 1923159/PID 133541744 who’s membership is in Troop 0555 in the Heart of Virginia Council yet the patch that displays on his profile is NCAC. Why? No he doesn’t have any open NCAC membership. He never has. Now he does live in NCAC area as he is just across the council line but that shouldn’t matter right?

Check their council under edit extended information

Ok, so I checked and it is selected as ncac. I go to change it and I can’t I don’t even see heart of Virginia Council as an option. Why???


Most likely the address (zip code) is incorrect. The set of councils presented is based on the member’s address

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Change it to something far away and then change it again and you should find the one you want

He lives in ncac area and he goes to a heart of Virginia Council unit. The boundary line is literally a creek a few feet wide. One side is one council the other side is another. So if I am understanding correctly his home address is causing the issue even if it is correct? Right?


Local councils are all supposed to be listed in the dropdown. Councils across the country are the only ones that are supposed to be excluded.


I have duplicated the issue and reported it to the developers.

I do not understand what you typed (“across the country”).
(Perhaps due to a grammar aid or editor changing what you meant to type. Mine are famous for dropping or changing what I meant to type.)

Did you mean the local council dropdown list does not include some local
councils that are overseas?

I think the real world is more complex. I would expect councils serving the U, S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and some other territories and dependances to be included.

Is there a current list of local councils used in Scoutbook available?


DSC, FEC, TAC, show for all - there might be some others I am forgetting


I understood @edavignon to mean that councils in the “local area” should all be included in the drop-down, but councils which are geographically “distant” from the address are excluded. I suspect that the process of determining what constitutes “distant” is what was causing the issue. From what @DonovanMcNeil wrote, though, it seems like the determination of which councils to display in the drop-down is more complex than just geographic proximity.

Sounds like it’s gone in to the developers, so hopefully they’ll identify the exact issue and get it resolved promptly.

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