Cub Scout approved for BSA award - can it be removed? And How?

We have a cub scout that has been approved for the National Outdoor Awards Gold Device Pin. And it was added to a PO, but it hasn’t been awarded yet. The problem is that it’s not a cub scout award if for boy scouts. This was all done before I took over Advancement Chair.

This seems to suggest there may have been a bug in Scoutbook that allowed this to happen. But I can’t find it under the cubs advancements to remove it. Is there a way to remove it?

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Does it appear on the scout’s dashboard in Scoutbook? If so, what happens when you click on it? Normally, that would bring you to the award-specific page, where I would expect you could remove the approval.

You council should be able to remove this via Volunteer Support Tools.

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You might want to delete the Purchase Order before asking your council to remove the award.

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No, it doesn’t show up under his dashboard to click on. I’ll reach out to our council.

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