Removing "Other Awards"

My son started a bunch of “Other Awards” some of which have been retired and some of which do not pertain to him. how do I “clean up” or “delete” these other awards he started

@GeorgeRenda - some awards are linked to other items like merit badge and in cubs - adventures so they will have those items marked as done.

most of the added awards have 0% can i remove those?

@GeorgeRenda - could you post a screen shot… all awards will be listed on the awards page if that is where you are looking and they can not be removed.

yeah all of the said badges are listed under “Other Awards” so they can’t be removed?

also it has him as joining Scouts March of 2022. Hes been a scout much longer than that

Are you looking at,, or the scouting app?

A Troop Admin can update the “Date Joined Scouts BSA” date. The earliest registration with a troop that I see is 3/2021.

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If they are 0% that just means they have not started and no there is no way to remove them

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he was in a different troop/district 759/Washington Council before he transferred to 60

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