Cub Scout history after crossover

BSA ID 133034331 and Scoutbook ID 1554215 call him “Charles”, a new youth Scout joined on 1/29/2021. He would never auto synch in Scoutbook and I asked for your help fixing it from my Council. Scoutbook added another duplicate “Charles” but changed his BSA ID to 137237731 and Scoutbook user ID to 11784020. Same kid with the same father, mother, birthday, address, etc.

The new “Charles” lost all of his Cub Scout history to include his Arrow of Light. I have a copy of his Cub Scout Advancement Report. How can I transfer the old data to his new ID number? Then I need to remove the old account.

The reason the Council created a new MID for this Scout is he was registered as a Cub Scout with the first name Charlie and in Scouts BSA with the first name Charles. It is critical that a Scout always be registered with the same name to prevent issues like this.

We do not have any tools to merge advancement. What I can do is put the Scout’s new MID on his old Scoutbook account, however, you will need to add his Tenderfoot requirements into Scoutbook again. His Scout and Cyber Chip should push to Scoutbook since they are compelted.

Let us know what you want to do.

I have a copy of his rank advancement, activities, and attendance. Please merge the two accounts, I will reenter his data again. I am assuming when you merge or update the old account that his parent’s connection and mine will still be intact. The Scout or parent will not lose the ability to login to his account. Thanks for your help.

When Ed does this you HAVE TO CALL COUNCIL and make the names the same - or at recharter all this will happen again

I requested Council’s help on the issue already. Maybe they are tracking. I will inform Council help desk and registerer about the name issues and the combined accounts. I am assuming that they can just update the name on the charter.


I have merged the Scoutbook accounts. Ask the Council to retire MID 133034331.

I have updated the Scoutbook account so it uses Charles as the first name which is how the Scout is registered. If he goes by Charlie, go to his profile and set the Nickname field to Charlie.

There is also an issue with his address. Scoutbook has his street name starting with M, Akela/ScoutNET has his streetname starting with N. The rest of the address matches. I suspect the Council entered it wrong. It will need to be updated by Council if the error is their’s.

I have requested an advancement sync to pull in his Scouts BSA completed awards. The next sync runs at 3:00 PM central today.


Thanks for you help. When I sent the message to Council originally, I mentioned the spelling error also on the street name. I will add his nick name to account 137237731 and ask Council to retire account 133034331. I will log back in after 3 PM CST to check on his account.


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