Cub Scout items appearing in Boy Scout Needs Approval report

On our Troops “Needs Approval” report there is a scout showing that he needs approval for “Tiger Cub Immediate Recognition Emblem” And we can’t click off on it to clear it from the report.

This scout has been in the troop for well over a year, and this item has been on the report ever since he crossed over.

Is the scout currently in a Wolf den? Did they earn the Tiger badge?

under the Scouts membership tab - is there still a Pack membership active? @ShawnSmith

Under Past Membership it is showing Webelos I Member form 09/10/2013 – 02/11/2018.

Current membership is only showing his current patrol that he has been 08/21/2018.

The scout is currently a Boy Scout in the 6th grade. Earned his Arrow of Light on 01/15/2018 (according to the system).