Cub Scout Member ID Set Up Incorrectly - No Parents?

I think I’ve got my son’s (Cub Scout) registration set up incorrectly. When I created his BSA ID I logged him in using his own email address. Now I’m trying to transfer him into a new unit (we moved back to the US from overseas so new Council as well) and I got the following error message:
“Failed to Transfer [Scout Name] member ID: 13729650. Person has no valid parent/guardian relationship in our records. Please contact your local council registrar to update person’s information.”

Now, in Scoutbook we’ve got him properly set up with us as parents and everything. I was also the Cubmaster in our Pack so I had full access to his information in there, and nothing ever looked amiss. Could someone please let me know if things look correct under his member ID? Would like ot make sure there’s not a technical fix that the folks here can do before I go and bother the Far East Council registrar about it.

For reference, my ID info is as follows in Scoutbook:
BSA Member # 137170457
UserID 5058140

My son’s info is as follows in Scoutbook:
BSA Member # 13729650
UserID 11678101

Thanks much and please let me know if you need any additional information!

Just wanted to float this back to the top as I posted it late last night. Appreciate any help folks might be able to provide!


FEC just did not make you a parent in AKELA for your Scout.

Thanks! Reached out to the Council registrar to correct. Appreciate the help as always!