Cub Scout with two member IDs

My son has two BSA member IDs. The current is 13937435, which has all his achievements. The old one is from Chief Seattle Council, where he only got to be a Lion for a few months before Covid. :sob:

The OLD (wrong) one is 136504428 and is still associated with adam.welborn (my husband)–both the old and new ones are associated with him. If you can merge them, great, we just don’t want to lose the current one. Thanks!

Oops it didn’t connect. @AdamWelborn is the other parent account.

@AbigailWelborn please do not post names - when you change councils you get new numbers - I will look at it for you

@AbigailWelborn OK you used Middle name on one application and 2 variations on DOB - so check DOB in Scoutbook - if wrong talk to council to fix please

OK gotcha. Noted! Thanks.

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