Cubmaster and Committee Chair

Can the Cubmaster of a Pack also be the Committee Chair for the same Pack? Or can a Den Leader also be the Committee Chair for the same Pack? Is there a conflict of interest?

I ask because we have a lack of parental volunteers…I know Scoutbook allows up to three positions per adult volunteer. I’m not trying to make myself or any other Den Leader the grand Pooba of Scouting, just trying to get our critical positions filled before re-charter. Thanks!

The software won’t allow that for BSA program reasons. Since the reason the software won’t permit it is a BSA program question (rather than a question about the software itself), BSA national wants these types of questions referred to the council for answers. You might also find some relevant information by looking for the BSA Registration Guidebook online at the BSA’s website. Good luck with recruiting volunteers. That’s a problem with which I suspect we’re all far too familiar.

@CourtneyAtkinson - only the charter org rep can hold two positions in the unit

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The chartered organization representative (CR) is the only individual that can be registered in more than one position within the same unit. The CR may also serve in a multiple capacity as the committee chair (CC) or as a member of the committee (MC, NM, or PT) within that unit.

MC = Committee Member
NM = New Member Coordinator
PT = Pack Trainer

Please see the BSA Registration Guidebook “Multiple Registrations” on page 16 (in the pdf).

If you have recharter questions, please direct them to your local council.


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